Why choose Ricardo Test Services

Why choose Ricardo Test Services

Why choose Ricardo as your test partner

Test projects are complex exercises, involving a range of stakeholders with different priorities,  limited scheduling periods, specialist technical knowledge and, quite often, complex and unforeseen challenges that must be quickly resolved.

By choosing Ricardo, you will have the support of a test partner that:

  • Understands the requirements and lead-times of all parties.​

  • Can integrate test programmes within project plans from day one, with a clear overview and the flexibility to react to unexpected results or sudden unavailability of test track.

  • Ensures sufficient technical engineers are available throughout the test preparation and execution.

How is a test programme delivered?

Testing consists of three main activities:

  • Translation of the requirements set out in published standards to an appropriate test approach. 

  • Organisation of the test runs on a test ring or operational environment with the local operator.

  • Analysis of measurements by an ISO/IEC accredited measurements specialist (such as Ricardo).

Following many years' experience of vehicle testing, we know the importance of careful project management at every stage of the testing process. 

Our teams work in partnership with all stakeholders throughout the programme and - as an additional service - provide guidance for clients when they are confronted with unexpected situations at any point during the project - see test support.

A typical test project contains the following phases:

  • Preparation

  • Execution

  • Reporting

Our approach is to create a test specification that will ensure all the requirements are brought together and to develop protocols where tests are translated to the available infrastructure and operational environment.

For more information about our services, please contact our Measurements and Testing team: [email protected]

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