Test Support

Test Support

Q. What are the local rules and procedures?
Q. What is the most cost-efficient way to organise tests?
Q. How can we keep on-track testing safe?
Q. What does a certification body expect?

These are examples of questions frequently asked by clients at the start of a project that are not always easy to answer.

However, following many years' experience of planning and organising rolling stock projects we have built up considerable knowledge of test programmes and use this insight to help our clients navigate the process and its implications for their business.

Here are some examples of additional support we can provide:

  • We can provide a 'quick scan' to provide advice and agree expectations before the actual testing starts.
  • We can perform test management on behalf of the client.
  • We can set-up a compliance matrix to determine the means of compliance so that it is clear from the outset what needs to be tested.

For more information, please contact our Measurements and Testing team: [email protected]