Investigative testing

Investigative testing

Performance issues will continue to arise once a vehicle or infrastructure has entered into service, so it is important to retain a proportionate and cost-efficient monitoring regime to ensure reliability, availability and, most importantly, safety are kept to the highest possible standard.

We offer a wide range of monitoring and measurement services to help our clients implement a proactive maintenance approach across day-to-day operations. This includes monitoring and measurement services that can focus on maintenance processes, on operational behaviours (energy efficiency, noise reduction) and safety performance.

Investigative testing is one such service. Whether there is a known issue, or you wish to gain more insight about a particular asset's behaviour, our instruments can gather a wide range of in-service diagnostics that our experts will analyse and interpret in order to advise how to resolve a specific problem or to optimise maintenance regimes over the short, medium and longer term.

Where any specific concerns emerge, maintenance teams can be directed straight to the area in question for immediate inspection, with the opportunity to plan corrective work at the next available opportunity.

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