Noise measurements

Noise measurements

There are two types of noise measurements that are typically performed as part of vehicle type testing:

1) Measurements that need to be performed in accordance with TSI Noise 1304/2014 for pass-by and stationary noise:

  • Exterior noise at standstill (ISO3095)
  • Exterior noise at constant speed (ISO3095)
  • Exterior noise when starting the trainset (ISO3095)
  • Interior noise measurements in the driver’s cab – driving condition (EN15892)
  •  Interior noise measurements in the driver’s cab – signal horn in operation (EN15892)

2) In accordance with TSI PRM 1300/2014, measurements of the speech eligibility of the PA system (STI/STIPA) need to be performed. It is also required to measure the sound pressure level of the door warning system.

Ricardo can offer support for both tests:

  • Speech intelligibility tests (STIPA)
  • Passenger door audible signals

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