Brakes and wheel-slide protection systems

Brakes and wheel-slide protection systems

Brake performance and wheel slide protection (WSP) system tests have to be performed in accordance with UIC541-05, UIC544-1 and TSI Loc&Pas. At Ricardo, we can offer the following test services:

  1. Static tests of the braking force and brake pressures
  2. Dynamic testing on dry track in various loading conditions at different speeds
  3. Dynamic testing on track with low adhesion (using soap for WSP testing)

If required, we can also help to tune the WSP system before commencing official type tests.

The dynamic tests can either be performed on a test ring or on operational tracks. We perform the tests using our measurement platform which has been specifically developed for testing in the rail environment. To perform the WSP performance tests in a conditioned manner we install soap tanks to supply soap to the wheel / rail contact.

For more information, please contact our Measurements and Testing team: [email protected]