Ricardo Compliance Tool

Ricardo Compliance Tool
Ricardo Compliance Tool
Introducing the Ricardo Compliance Tool

The Ricardo Compliance Tool (RCT) is a pioneering cloud-based technology used to deliver Independent Assurance projects from Requirements capture through to acceptance and certification.

Developed for the rail industry, and unique to Ricardo Certification, the RCT provides a secure, shared environment where your team and our assessors can collaboratively perform assurance activities and exchange feedback at every step of your project lifecycle.

Starting with the identification of Requirements from our managed library of multilingual industry standards, the RCT becomes the single source for your project's checklists, evidence, compliance arguments, reports and conclusions.

And with live status dashboards available to all teams on a 24/7 basis, the Tool supports open and transparent relationships, ensuring no hidden surprises along the route to compliance.

A central, collaborative resource

RCT underpins Ricardo Certification's entire service portfolio:

  • Notified Body
  • Designated Body
  • Assessment Body
  • Independent Safety Assessment
  • Assessment Party
  • Railway Product Certification

Introducing the Compliance Tool

The Compliance Tool is about promoting close collaboration:


The RCT provides live project reporting, including the number of Requirements/ Observations and their status (compliance and workflow). Our dashboards also provide instant links that offer options to deep dive into key Assessment areas.


We can help reduce Assessment times by enabling responses to be exchanged at an Observation / Requirement level. Your teams will no longer have to wait for Assessment Reports or manage multiple Excel sheets/ revisions, allowing them to focus on critical items and maintain project timescales.


We will provide access to your teams (via standard browsers and login) so that they can interact with our assessors, monitor progress of Assessments, view and/or load Evidence and access our Assessment Reports at any time. Offline working is also supported via controlled Excel ‘round trip’ functionality and the RCT can import/export via ReqIF (Requirements Interchange format), for example to, or from, DOORS.

Single source of truth

Alongside the Requirements and the Assessment activity, the RCT also provides an accessible store of the project Evidence (supplied drawings, technical descriptions, calculations, etc) – providing a visible and auditable track of receipt and avoiding delays through lost, missing or updated documentation.

When working with us, your teams will have 24/7 access to the Tool, with its live dashboards and status reports.