Our history

Ricardo Certification was created in 2015, when the rail business in Ricardo was bought from Lloyd’s Register, but the team which provides these services has been involved in assurance for over 20 years. This presented the opportunity set up an independent assurance business, leading to the creation of Ricardo Certification, with our initial accreditations following in 2016.

Many of our accreditations are multi-site in that we can offer these accredited services from a range of offices around the world. Further, we have sought additional accreditations and appointments to support our customers locally, and in light of Brexit, ensure that we offer a truly global service, that takes into account the preferences of local markets.

Key to our success in the rail sector is the use of expert railway engineers and railway operators for the services we provide so that, in addition to the approvals and process people which we need to offer services against relevant legislation and standards, we have a technical depth to understand the detailed requirements of the railway, including key technical and operational areas important in the delivery of systems and products.

Who we help

In Europe we are performing the Notified Body role on the central section of London’s Elizabeth Line and providing Assessment Body services for the migration of Denmark’s national network to ERTMS operation and control.

Meanwhile in Asia we have supported the introduction of new signalling products to the market, including the first such technologies to be developed by domestic suppliers.

With increasingly complex regulation coming into force in fields such as power generation and automotive manufacturing, we can also bring our proven assessment methodologies to clients within these sectors, helping them understand the regulatory landscape and secure certification as efficiently as possible.

Our people

Ricardo Certification is led by:

  • Richard Gibney – Ricardo Certification Director (RCD), responsible for the business.
  • Mark Dodsworth – Certification Manager, helping the RCD in the management of the business, management of our accreditations and Ricardo Certifications procedures.
  • Stephen Clarke – Lead Ricardo Certification Signatory, responsible for technical quality of Ricardo Certification’s work.

In addition, we have local business managers and signatories in our teams located around the world, who have knowledge of local markets and regular contacts with relevant authorities and regulatory bodies.