London's Elizabeth Line - AsBo

London's Elizabeth Line - AsBo
07 November 2019

Ricardo Certification was appointed as the Notified Body for the Central Section of London’s Elizabeth Line (formerly Crossrail) scheme in July 2012 and as the Assessment Body in 2013. 

Our work supporting this major project extends across the design, construction, testing and commissioning of the Central Section’s various structural sub-systems, including the 21kms of twin-bore tunnels.

We are performing Assessment Body work for Rail for London (Infrastructure), who is the infrastructure owner and manager of the new railway, and is notable as it covers the safety management system for the new infrastructure manager.

The Common Safety Method Risk Assessment and Evaluation Regulation (the CSM-REA Regulation) typically are applied to the engineering assets of new and changed railways, but the scope of their application can also apply to Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers, where there is a significant change being made – in this case to the Safety Management System (SMS), the way of managing the operation of the railway in line with its safety requirements.   As RfL is a completely new organisation, it does not have an existing SMS that is being modified, so the change is significant.

The scope of the AsBo work for RfL covers four key areas, namely Organisation, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance. Assessment work on compliance with the CSM-REA Regulation is performed across each area, requiring various different inputs from technical and operational experts from the Ricardo team, and use has been made by RfL of the Risk Managment Maturity Model (RM3) in developing their SMS, which the AsBo has taken into account. 

As the project nears to completion, it is interesting to see how the work on the engineering elements, performed by CRL, is being handed over to RfL and how the management systems and processes of each organisation manages the transfer to ensure that safety requirements are addressed and risk is managed for the whole railway.