Independent Safety Assessment of Beijing's Line 17

Independent Safety Assessment of Beijing's Line 17
26 September 2019
  • Ricardo Certification has been appointed by Beijing Metro Construction Administration Corporation Ltd to provide Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) services for the new metro line that is under construction in the east of the city.
  • Our teams are assessing the new Line 17 against European standards EN 50126, 50128 and 50129.

Beijing’s Line 17 will provide a new north-south route through the city’s eastern districts, extending from Changping’s Future Science Park North station to Yizhuang Zhanqianqu South station in Tongzhou. The first section is planned to enter into operation in 2021.

Our experts will be responsible for assuring the safety of passengers, staff and surrounding communities is accounted for during the construction, installation, testing and eventual commissioning of the new line.

The scope of the assessment extends across the core rail sub-systems, including rolling stock, signalling, route infrastructure and communications technologies. Our teams will assess each system in isolation as well as their interactions with other safety-critical systems, such as the interface between pantographs and the overhead catenary, and between the vehicles and platform screen doors. A further area for assessment will be the wheel-rail relationship along the route. 

We will also examine the Line’s Safety Management System, including its emergency evacuation and rescue plans, and deliver training on Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) for engineers from both MTR and the core equipment suppliers.

The assessment will be performed by our Beijing office and follows our successful delivery of similar system-wide ISA services for the city’s Yanfang Line, which opened in December 2017.