First use of ATO for passenger service on Dutch network

First use of ATO for passenger service on Dutch network
04 May 2020

In February 2020, ProRail and Arriva achieved their objectinve of achieving ATO (Automatic Train Operation) on Dutch infrastructure under ATB NG surveillance – a major step towards increasing the number of trains on any given section of track.

ATO coordinates trains more accurately, meaning they can run closer together without compromising safety.

Ricardo Certification is a recognized expert under European and national regulations, and has successfully completed the safety assessment for this ATO test.

As an accredited Notified Body (NoBo) and Designated Body (DeBo), Ricardo Certification is fully qualified to perform this type of safety assessment.

The assessment is conducted in two parts:

1. A technical assessment (NoBo / DeBo statement) to ensure the safe operation of the train, both during test drives with built-in ATO, which often take place at night, and during normal daytime service without ATO. The assessment was carried out on basis of European regulations (TSIs, Technical Specifications for Interoperability) and national regulations (RIS).

2. A procedural assessment (AsBo quick-scan) to verify full compliance with the relevant safety procedures by the various parties. This assessment covered not only the processes themselves, but also the documentary evidence for them.

The Ricardo assessment statements serve as safety evidence and thus helped support the granting of an exemption to ATO tests.

They also support the use of the train in normal passenger service after completion of the test.