Plant Assessment Body and Assessment Party

Plant Assessment Body and Assessment Party

Plant Assessment Body

Ricardo Certification offers an approval service for on-track plant to RIS-1530-PLT and on-track machines to RIS-1702-PLT (in the working mode) on the UK national railway.

We can provide full assessment of ‘first of class’ vehicles, re-certification for an engineering change or re-certification of expired on-track plant equipment.

We also provide assessment of on-track machines operating in the working mode.

Assessment Party

Ricardo Certification offers an accredited service against ISO EN 17065 for the verification of conformity of an engineering change against applicable requirements, for all types of rail vehicles (excluding OTM and OTP – see Plant Assessment Body) this service can be used to demonstrate conformity with Railway Group Standards (RGSs) applicable to rail vehicles.

Our verification process is designed to objectively confirm that your projects comply with relevant legislation and regulations (including those relevant to safety), your management systems, and associated requirements or processes that you adopt.