Certification services

Certification services

A proactive, open and supportive approach

As your assessment partner, it is important to us that your project is presented professionally and enters service on time.

So although we will always remain impartial, our ambition is to support projects in the achievement of the approvals they require.

This includes agreeing the process from the outset, advising on the format of documentation and information required, educating stakeholders and providing assistance when engaging with the authorities.

By maintaining an open and constructive dialogue throughout, we can help remove unnecessary paperwork and reduce the risks of delays and cost overruns.

All of which can contribute to a successful and timely certification and approval.

Three stages towards a successful certification

At  Ricardo Certification we have a three-stage approach to making sure your assurance needs are met.

  1. First, we seek to understand your projects so that we can share a common objective in achieving a successful and timely certification or approval.
  2. With this in place, we move on to ensuring that we have set out clear technical and process requirements so that your team understands what is required.
  3. Finally, we will always take a proactive, open and supportive approach, communicating quickly when required and being open to discuss the type and format of information required to achieve a positive assessment.

To talk to our experts abut the full extent of Certification services we provide please contact any of our regional teams directly.